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  • Arabic Calligraphy, Artwork painting Yellow Sweater – Jeanne Hebuterne (1918-1919) by Italian Painter & Sculptor Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920), Surrealism art (Abstract, expressive), History of civilizations & Art, Researches & Studies. We care about art, which is an inherited and common language among all peoples and civilizations, where has been founded by peoples over generations and ages, a history and eternal civilization
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Yellow Sweater (Aka Portrait Of Jeanne Hebuterne), (1918 – 1919) By Amedeo Modigliani

  • The composition is divided into broad fields of color in a subtle decorative manner; the figure’s sinuous silhouette stands out uninterrupted against the background.Modigliani’s friends described his last companion as a talented young artist who, in her lover’s presence, always remained imperturbably silent, to the extent that some of those who met her claimed that they never heard her voice. This image of Jeanne Hebuterne- Yellow Sweater – whom her friends used to call “Coconut” for her peculiar auburn hairdo – effectively conveys her gentle and somewhat languorous demeanor, Which is one of the most beautiful paintings painted by the artist.

    Description Artistic of Art Painting:

    Jeanne Hébuterne (Yellow Sweater) (1918 – 1919), Oil on canvas. Signed with “Modigliani” on the top right of the painting by the artist “Amedeo Modigliani” Italian painter & sculptor (1884 – 1920).

    Owned by Mr. Awni Abu Tair. 
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The MARE Painting, (1986) year,painted and signed by painter “I.N” unknown artiest at (10.1986)

  • “What we see in this painting is an exquisite embodiment of The Mare image which is a state of unconscious in the imagination of the artist while he painted it.
    The spectra and the halos that hover around The Mare and surrounding it is an indication on its quiet spirituality ambience that gives the painting a transparent color touch that draws the viewer to a dreamy world and a blue futuristic window surrounded by mystery that the walkers are mystified by a supreme journey to reach the desired world of metaphysics”.Owned by Mr. Awni Abu Tair. For more details, contact us.Read more

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