The MARE Painting (1986), unknown artiest “I .N”

The MARE Painting, (1986) year, painted and signed by painter “I.N” unknown artiest at (10.1986).

“What we see in this painting is an exquisite embodiment of The Mare image which is a state of unconscious in the imagination of the artist while he painted it.
The spectra and the halos that hover around The Mare and surrounding it is an indication on its quiet spirituality ambience that gives the painting a transparent color touch that draws the viewer to a dreamy world and a blue futuristic window surrounded by mystery that the walkers are mystified by a supreme journey to reach the desired world of metaphysics”.

Related Pictures for Art Painting:


Art Painting in frame from Front:


Art panting from Front & Back:


Technical details and sizes for Art painting:

  • Material: Acrylic on Canvas, placed on wooden board.
  • High: 51.6 Cm / 20.4 Inch.
  • Width: 37.2 Cm / 14.7 Inch.


Signatures & Seals in Art Panting:

  • Signature of “I.N” at (1986) on the down left corner in art painting

  • Signature & Seal of the Owner, content(Privet stamp & Name of Awni Abu Tair in Arabic, with special Reference:(104/1986), With size:(5.5*3.5)Cm


Owned by Mr. Awni Abu Tair.
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