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The enlightened man is a creative artist to the extent of his awareness and interest in the timeless sciences and arts. The originality and its bearing on the legacy, history and the arts have been accompanied by human civilizations that have left traces of the prosperity and progress of the former nations to be a shining path.

And that we put in your hands a beacon of science, knowledge and arts looming in the horizon to those who wanted to enlightenment and rise.

There is no doubt that the immortal works of art inherent in knowledge diagnose existing images of eternity, such as the body of his soul, the secret of sincerity in him, for a elegant thought and the effects of eternal survivors.

Started as a bitter rose, and produced a sweeter than the Raw honey.

The Arabic calligraphy, the renewed art in all ages, is the abstract art of the highest between the fonts of the world, its holiness and its spirituality in the Holy Quran “the immortal book of Allah”… A font built on solid geometric foundations mixed with the spirit of Arabic letters and secrets, with the musical rhythm and harmony.

We have been very careful to be our first concern to spread our lofty message to deliver the beauty in the world of art in all its sections, maybe we have gave the art its right.

We have considered this site to be comprehensive for the benefit of specialists and interested from the Sea of Science and the Garden of Knowledge and Arts.

Awni Abu Tair


Arabic Calligraphy, Artwork painting Yellow Sweater – Jeanne Hebuterne (1918-1919) by Italian Painter & Sculptor Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920), Surrealism art (Abstract, expressive), History of civilizations & Art, Researches & Studies. We care about art, which is an inherited and common language among all peoples and civilizations, where has been founded by peoples over generations and ages, a history and eternal civilization.

Arabic calligraphy

Is the art and design of handwriting in various languages that use Arabic letters. Arabic Script is characterized by being connected, which makes it possible to acquire different geometric shapes through the tide, return, rotation, elevation, interlock, interference and installation. The art of calligraphy is associated with Arabic decoration. It is also used in the desalination of manuscripts and books, especially writing the Holy Quran. This field has witnessed great interest from many artists and interested people. Arabs and Muslims have created many types of Arabic Script Styles, the most famous of which are: Nasikh Script , Thulth Script , Ijazza Script (the Signature Script) , Dewani Script , Muhaqqaq script , Nastaleeq script , Jeli Dewani Script , Tughra Script , Ruqqaa Script , and we will work on research in the Arabic calligraphy by highlighting its beauty, secrets and creativity.

Amedeo Modigliani ( Italian painter & sculptor )

The Italian painter (Amedeo Modigliani) lived thirty-six years (1884 – 1920), and after a life full of dispersion, tampering, poverty and art, Modigliani was able to stand up to Picasso, at the height of his glory, and his painting was able to win a contest between the painters of that period and celebrities in Europe, in fact it was a very challenging competition between Picasso and Amedeo Modigliani, and the latter is the one who won his painting win, and defeated by the most widespread name at that time Picasso.

Yellow Sweater – Jeanne Hebuterne (1918 – 1919)

It is the painting, which Modigliani drew of the woman whom he loved with great sorrow, defiance and pain, mother for his only child, he was rejected by her father because of their different religions.. In his painting, Modigliani painted his sweetheart “Jeanne”, drew her with a long neck and a very attractive face, and then left her eyes blue & empty of color and drawing, although when he painted others, who did not care to touch their souls, he drew and color their eyes, Just because of the shape, but his girl who loved her soul and attached to it, was not draw her eyes in his paintings, and if, “Jeanne” asked him Why he did not complete the drawing of the eyes? He answers her that when he touches her soul he will do so… The painter dies, and the beloved suicides.

Surrealism Art (Abstract, Expressive)

A doctrine in art and literature aims to express the subconscious in a way that lacks the system and logic, which is purely mechanical or purely psychological, through which the reality of thought can be expressed either orally, in writing or in any other way, and it is” above all revolutionary movements “. It is really a matter of spelling rules of thought, a vehicle far removed from any external control or control practiced by the mind and beyond the scope of any aesthetic or moral preoccupation. The Surrealists adopted in their drawings on the real objects used as symbols to express their dreams and to elevate the natural forms to above the visual reality.

History of civilizations

The ancient civilizations that existed in the ancient world (Africa – Asia & Europe), ie the civilization that was established 3,000 years BC, these civilizations have witnessed a great historical expansion and a great cultural development in the fields of science, arts and the development of societies, the most important developments in ancient civilizations are architecture, the most important of which are the Egyptian pyramids, which are now classified into the Seven Wonders of the World, the Temple of Athena, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Colosseum, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China and many buildings and buildings, as well as arts such as painting, sculpture and the old theater.

Our Aims

Our website aims to increase interaction and solidarity in all countries that hosted the ancient cultures and civilizations in the history of mankind, We will work on and between the countries – the home of ancient cultures and civilizations – through the civil activities with the aim of exploring and recognizing the intellectual background in fields of arts, urban architecture, archaeology, history of civilizations and Arabic calligraphy.

We will have a great role in research and studies, and publish studies that will shed light on the arts inherited through time and human history, because we care about the unified language, art and culture of peoples.

We will organize various and joint events in collaboration with universities, NGOs, cultural centers or attachés at institutional level and with leading intellectuals on an individual level.

Our aim to rivet the process of establishing mutual cultural recognition, understanding and interaction in the world with the understanding of respecting each country’s deep-rooted history, development level and own culture.

We are not represent any political group or ideology; we are stand in an equal proximity with all.


Presents a highly-regarded program of exhibitions, events and publications and provides a vital platform for critical thinking across media, disciplines, cultures and contexts. Using art and its presentation as a tool of analysis, it will contribute to the production of new knowledge and creates opportunities for learning in the communities.


To develop an understanding and appreciation of art’s complex role in reflecting and affecting how people relate critically and creatively to a changing world, using art and its presentation as a vehicle of analysis.

To take a leadership role in developing educational activities that deepen an understanding of how the art produce for meaning and advance knowledge, also to provide a platform for interdisciplinary thinking and research where ideas and practices can be explored and tested , document the work of the website as an accessible resource for current and future.

In pursuit of its mission, the website is committed to the principles of artistic and academic freedom.