Art in Byzantine civilization

Byzantine art between old Christian era and new Index Page Byzantine Art Characteristics of Byzantine Art Byzantine decorative units Architecture, sculpture and Byzantine painting Byzantine architecture Byzantine Sculpture The most important materials and means of implementation Textiles Metal and drafting Skin The influence of Byzantine art on Islamic art References Christianity was subjected to great … continue reading

Art in Mesopotamia

Art in Mesopotamia Index Page Arts in the Sumerian civilization Architecture of ancient Sumer Civilization Arts in the Babylonian civilization Architecture of Civilization of Babylon Arts in the Assyrian civilization Architecture of Assyrian Civilization Arts in the Akkadian civilization References The ancient arts in Mesopotamia represent a form of art that is considered one of … continue reading

Art in Islamic civilization

Art in Islamic civilization Index Page Main Elements of Islamic Art Islamic Painting Islamic Decoration Calligraphic Scripts History of Islamic Art Calligraphy Art Vegetal and Floral art Geometrical Art Calligraphy References The phrase “Islamic art” is an umbrella term for post-7th century visual arts, created by Muslim and non-Muslim artists within the territories occupied by … continue reading

Art in Egyptian civilization

Art in Egyptian civilization Index Page Architecture Ancient Egyptian Art, Painting, Sculpture Symbolism Papyri Pottery Hieroglyphics Paintings Canopic Jars Most Famous Pharonic Musical Instruments References Ancient Egyptian art is five thousand years old. It emerged and took shape in the ancient Egypt, the civilization of the Nile Valley, Expressed in paintings and sculptures, it was … continue reading